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Earth Harvest in Burlington, NC, is a local natural foods and supplements store which carries only the highest quality foods, supplements, and therapies. We strive to learn more everyday about how nature’s bounty can best work in our bodies to promote wellness.

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  1. We know that a lifestyle change requires determination and motivation. We will work with you to help you stay focused on reaching your goals if you let us.
  2. We provide the highest quality foods, nutrients, supplements and therapies to get you feeling your best! We focus on organic, non-GMO, environmentally friendly products.
  3. We work with you no matter what your situation. For example, we carry products to enhance the fitness program on which you may currently be working. We carry products that treat many other human maladies. It is our goal to assist you in achieving your health goals. We want to be your personal support team.

Quality Products


We carry products for the whole family. No matter your age or health circumstance, we have products to make you feel your best!

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We have a wide array of functional foods directed at particular health issues. We carry gluten free and sugar free as well as foods more specifically focused on particular dietary needs.

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We carry a comprehensive selection of vitamins, supplements, homeopathic therapies, and aromatherapies. We are happy to provide consultation services to determine the best solutions for you personally, because we are all unique!

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Suddenly Slimmer offers body wraps that guarantee the loss of six inches along with toning of the skin and body, and a dramatic loss in cellulite.

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