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Genesis Liquid Protein 100 - 32 oz
SRP $39.99
Sale Price $31.99
  Nature Plus Source of Life
Women's Whole Food Concentrate Multi Vitamin
SRP $33.99
Sale Price $26.99
Reserveage Collagen Hydro
Protect with Ceramide
SRP $29.99
Sale Price $23.99
  QSpeed Sublingual CoQ10:100 mg
40 Fast Melt Lozenges
SRP $25.99
Sale Price $20.99
  Organic Bulk Flax Seed
SRP $1.89 LB
Sale Price $1.49 LB
"High Omega 3 Content"


Earth Harvest is all about providing natural remedies through supplements and organic foods to satisfy your health needs. At Earth Harvest Natural Food Store we market unique and diverse energy and wellness products & services for your healthy lifestyle needs We are confident that once introduced to our products & services you will see the many benefits, including energy, detoxification and enhanced vitality which are some of the most common responses to the programs we offer. Do you need special dietary foods/products which are Gluten free, sugar free, wheat free, non-dairy etc. Then stop in to see our selection of foods/products that will serve those needs. Also do you go out of town to pickup a certain health product? Ask us about carrying it in the store. For additional information and demonstrations please contact us at 336-584-5588 or visit our store.

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Wellness services

Hoyt Diet Menus

Portion controlled fresh made to order, great for weight loss control.



Nutritional counseling.

We now offer Nutritional Counseling with Dr. Daisy Zamora,Ph.D. You can sign up for a free nutrition session with Dr. Zamora.

Blood Assessment:

Live Blood Analysis is a simple procedure for obtaining a quick and accurate assessment of your blood. and can provide a composite of over 25 aspects from your live blood.


Ion Clense Ion detoxification foot bath helps your body to re-balance its bio-energy fields and stimulate the body’s detoxification this in turn helps to improve your Health.


Looking to tighten and tone up and detoxify your body? Then visit our Suddenly Slimmer page to learn more about our body wraps.

Culinary Healing Chef:

Culinary Healing is a philosophy that marries delicious cuisine with healthy eating. Culinary Healing is all about creating well balanced, healthy, delicious meals to support health and vitality!

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We carry a large variety of natural remedies for your health needs. Below are just a few of the top quality remedies which we carry.



Protein Muffins

Charlie's Soap

Stoney Mountain Farms

Sugar free products

Gluten Free Products

Wheat free





Enzamatic Therapy

Natures Plus

Samis Bakery


Country Life


Natures Life


Sports Nutrition




As Seen on Dr. Oz

We carry the products that you see on the Dr. Oz show,such as:


L-Carnitine   Vit.C (Fat Transport)

Konjac Root (Appetite Control)

Mango  (Appetite Control)

White Kidney Bean (Carb Blocker)

Sea Buckthorn (Hair Skin Nails) 

Fucoxathin (Thermogenic)

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